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Experience of over six decades of uninterrupted Law practice for foreign markets.

Albuquerque Almeida (AA) was established in 2018, resulting from the alliance of two law firms: Albuquerque & Associados and Paulo Almeida & Associados. Albuquerque & Associados is one of the longest-established law firms in Portugal in the field of domestic and international Business Law. Its origins can be traced back to 1922 when the father of Albuquerque &  Associados founding partners began to practice law. In fact, he was simply carrying on with a legal and academic family tradition dating back to the beginning of the 19th Century. This tradition was preserved by Albuquerque & Associados’, founding partners, Professor Ruy de Albuquerque (1933-2007) and Professor Martim de Albuquerque.

Albuquerque & Associados’ experience has been gained from more than six decades of uninterrupted practice of Law mostly with foreign clients, with a long-standing tradition of representing companies originating mostly from the USA, France, Spain and the UK, but also clients from almost every other European country and from markets in other Continents.

Albuquerque & Associados has always had a large corporate client base in Portugal, among the country’s top companies and groups, established in diverse industrial and services sectors, including banking, financial and insurance.

Albuquerque & Associados also has broad experience providing legal counsel to domestic and foreign Government Agencies. This experience, representing more than six decades of dealing with domestic and foreign companies and groups, as well as Government and public sector agencies, constitutes a specific heritage of Albuquerque & Associados.

The majority of our Clients are international companies and some of the most important Portuguese groups. We also render legal advice to domestic and foreign Government agencies. 

Paulo de Almeida & Associados (PAA), was incorporated in 1998.

When the partners Paulo de Almeida e Miguel Alcobia set out to establish their law firm, their aim was to create a Law Firm able to render outstanding legal services, based on solid technical and legal qualifications. This objective, endorsed by both lawyers, is related to the fact that, at the time, both partners had been working as Professors of Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon.

Paulo de Almeida had been pursuing an academic career at the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon, working also as an associate lawyer at the practice of Professor José Dias Marques and as Legal Counsel with Professor José de Oliveira Ascensão.

On his part, Miguel Alcobia had been working as an associate lawyer at Albuquerque & Associados, collaborating directly with Professors Ruy de Albuquerque and Martim de Albuquerque.

The idea behind the establishment of their legal practice was to create an “atelier” practice to render top-level legal services, seeking not only to provide a solution for clients’ needs but also to anticipate them.

AA also renders its services in Angola, through a team of lawyers working between Lisbon and Luanda, including an associated Angolan office.

AA’s activity revolves around the main areas of Business Law: from Commercial Contracts to Financial Law, including Project Finance, from Corporate Law to Securities Law, or, further still, from Public Law to Administrative Litigation. Most of AA’s Clients are International Corporations and some of the most relevant Portuguese groups. AA also provides legal counsel to domestic and foreign Government Agencies.

AA traditionally maintains a strong connection with the University of Lisbon, as it was founded by two Professors of Law: Professor Ruy de Albuquerque (1933-2007), a leading figure in the academic world and among law practitioners, and Professor Martim de Albuquerque.

Pedro de Albuquerque is also a Professor at the Faculty of Law of Lisbon, and has held several positions on the board of the governing bodies of the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon.

Alexandre de Albuquerque and Paulo de Almeida were both academically active and taught for several years at the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon. Alexandre de Albuquerque also taught at the Faculty of Law of the Portuguese Catholic University. Other lawyers in the firm also lecture Law at these Universities, notably Professors Maria de Lurdes Pereira and Sónia Gemas Donário.

AA’s main guiding principle is the quality of its legal services (quality index) - assessed from a scientific perspective and practical perspective - establishing if the services rendered provide efficient solutions for Clients’ real needs and objectives - and always seeking to combine the two.

In order to achieve this aim, AA’s lawyers, in addition to their traditional academic careers, devote great attention to each Client’s particular business and activity in every market.

AA has always sought to establish a special relationship with every Client, so that they may stand as the true witnesses of the quality of their work.

For this reason, one of the principal sources of the firm’s new Clients are AA’s current Clients or Clients who have used AA’s services in the past. AA not only renders its Clients legal services of a very high standard while establishing with them a special relationship, but its founders have also incorporated solid deontology into the firm’s everyday work.

Although AA works regularly and closely with prominent Law Firms across Europe, the USA and the Pacific Region, it has remained independent and has not entered into any exclusive partnerships with foreign law firms.

AA also develops its practice in Africa, namely in Portuguese-speaking African Countries, in particular in the fields of Banking, Corporate, Tax and Employment. AA is the Portuguese firm mentioned in the legal services portal: LexUniversal.com - Global Virtual Law Connection.

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